New Lives Dates for 2018

I'm pleased to announce I will be doing two concerts and a workshop at this years Upton Ukulele Festival June 15 -17th. Both concerts and the workshop will be focusing especially on classical ukulele, with a little bit of Flamenco Ukulele thrown in for good measure. For tickets and information of the Upton Ukulele Festival visit In addition, on September 22nd I will be doing a classical ukulele workshop and concert at The Uke Rooms in The Forest of Dean. If you are interested in becoming a better ukulele player and enjoy classical music on the uke, this is a must for you. Its in a beautiful setting and promises to be lots of fun. For information and ticket

New classical ukulele video - Nonesuch.

Here is a video of a relatively simple traditional English dance tune called 'Nonesuch'. This is an excelletn pioece for those relatively new to classical music on the ukulele. It is fairly simple yet very rewarading to play and perform. I usually teach this piece to players within the first 6 months of them learning the ukulele. The only real diffciulty is the hammer on, but it is a great way of introducing this techinque. Often for beginners the difficulty with playing a hammer on is making sure that the second note sounds as loud as the first. I usually explain to students that the clue to it, is in the name - 'hammer' on. make sure you really power down onto the string to get the cl

New video of classical ukulele.

Here is a new video of me playing classical music on a ukulele. Unusually for me, this is a modern piece. It is a wonderful tune called 'Romance' and it was written by Gerard Montreuil. Originally written for guitar and published in his book 'Divertissements pour guitare' I have tried to stay faithful to the original, whilst making it sound beautiful on the ukulele - and of course be playable at the same time. I have taught this piece to a few of my students and it never causes too many issues. This piece also appears on my album 'Me, My Ukulele & I' recorded at Ginger Dogs Studio's and released on KM Records. In this video you an also see my right hand clearly as I used two video's for the

Django Reinhardt on a ukulele (using a looper pedal)

Most of my students learn classical ukulele with me, as this is the area of music that I am most well versed in. Occasionally though I will get asked to dip my toe into other genres on the ukulele, which is often fun. A student recently asked me to help him out with a Jazz piece he was trying to learn by the incredible talent that was Django Reinhardt. More specifially it was in the style of Gypsy Jazz - which is very fast usually and uses choppy, quick changing chords, mainly 7ths and diminished ones. My initial reaction was - wow - that music will suit the ukulele so well ! I have always thought that Jazz and the ukulele go hand in hand - but gyspy jazz - I had never really considered

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