Interview with ukulele player Derek Reynolds.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing ukulele player, singer songwriter and general good egg Derek Reynolds. Derek recently released his superb ukulele album 'Sanctuary', which mixes exceptional songwriting skills with high level ukulele playing. It was great to chat to someone else mad enough to release a ukulele album. I thoroughly recommend checking the album out if you are a ukulele fan, or just a fan of good music in general. Here's what Derek had to say when I chatted to him : . Hi Derek, can you tell us when you started playing ukulele? Thanks for asking, that is a funny story. I had been a professional bass player my whole life and quit after 35 years because it was taki

Guest blog on Classical Ukulele books

This week I had the pleasure of writing a guest blog on the wonderful website. It's all about what books are currently available in the world of classical ukulele and who the movers and shakers are. If you're not a mover or a shaker, read it and then you have my permission to say you are one ! You can read it here :

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