Richard Jobson 'Into the Valley' autobiography review.

I have just come back from a lovely week’s holiday in Malta and whilst I was sat beside the pool I managed to read three books. So I haven’t had much chance to post any ukulele video’s but I thought with the books being music related, I’d write a quick review of one the books I read - Richard Jobson’s autobiography ‘Into the valley’. Interestingly one of the other books I read was Mike Love’s ‘My life as a beach boy and in many ways there is a clear comparison to be made with Jobsons book. Mike Love (of The Beach Boys), perhaps like Jobson, was slightly overshadowed by someone else in the band, whilst being the front man. Mike Love seemed in the media to be portrayed as less important in

New Uke Flamenco video of Sway and book update.

Here is a quick video of me playing a flamenco version of the Dean Martin song 'Sway'. Hope you enjoy it. My book (working title 'Ukulele in Schools') is coming on well. I am going into the recording studio at Ginger Dog Records on September 17th to record the album that will come with the book. Its got 12 awesome, catchy songs for children. I will also be recording 12 tutorial video's that will accompany the songs. The publishers and me are having a big launch for this product, in Feb 2019, so more on that when I know about it. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks Paul

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