Free Ukulele lesson tomorrow

This week I have been doing a live, on line, FREE ukulele lesson each morning at 10 am along with the Education on Fire podcast. We are live streaming every morning at 10 on so be sure to watch us tomorrow (Thursday 30th May). On Tuesday we did a lesson demonstrating how to hold the ukulele, the parts of a ukulele, the strings and we taught our first song. The lesson is aimed at young children and it just has one aim - to get children involved in playing instruments. Everyone involved is giving their time for free and we are also donating some great free resources including song sheets and MP3's. All you have to do is sign up for free at www.educationonfi

Update on new book of ukulele duets.

Here is the second ukulele duet video that Tony Mizen and I did when we met up last week. This is a piece called 'The Queens Dance' and it will be featured in the new book of ukulele duets that we are writing together. The book is, from our side, almost finished. We are set to go into the recording studio (Ginger Dog Studio's in Suffolk) to record the accompanying album. It will then be all systems go with the publisher to get the book out as soon as possible after that. This lovely piece was written by Lisa Mizen and arranged by Tony. For more information on Tony you can visit him at

Looking for something fun, free and educational to do with the kids in half term ?

Are you looking for something fun, free and educational to do with the kids in half term ?. Along with the Education on Fire podcast I will be hosting a free 4 day online ukulele challenge and I'll be teaching you to play the uke in four days ! All you have to do is go to the education on fire facebook page ( at the times stated in the poster below and join in the fun. If you have never played a uke before, give it a go, its just 20 minutes, for four days. The lovely people at St Giles Music in Northampton are even offering a discount on ukuleles with a code we will give out. Friends please share this so we can get as many kids playing uke as possible.

First video of ukulele duet from forthcoming book

Today I had the absolute pleasure of playing ukulele with Tony Mizen, the author of 'From Lute to Uke'. Tony and I are writing a book of duets together and today was the first time we had managed to meet and go through the pieces. Living 3 hours apart, coupled with busy schedules, meant it has taken a little time for us to get together - however it was 100 % worth the wait. We have 22 pieces for the book and we went through all of them. We managed to video a couple of them, of which this was the first one. Tony is a sublime player and real gentleman so it was a pleasure to play the duets together. We will probably trim the book down to 20 pieces in the end but it is going to be a great

New classical guitar video

I haven' t done a classical guitar video for a lttle while as I have been so busy with books and ukulele stuff, so today I knocked out a quick video of 'Xodo Da Baiana' by Dilermando Reis. Enjoy

New interview with the amazing multi instrumentalist and ukulele teacher Anne Ku.

1) Hi Anne, can you tell us when you started playing ukulele? I bought myself a Tiny Tenor (Romero Creations) for Christmas 2015 and taught myself, in order to enroll in my colleague Joel Katz’s Intermediate Ukulele Course at University of Hawaii Maui College in January 2016. 2) Prior to ukulele, you played the piano to a very high level, what inspired the change of direction ? Different people over the years thought I’d enjoy picking it up while I was living on Maui but despite living next to a ukulele builder and having colleagues and students who played it, I didn’t get persuaded until Daniel Ho told me he had designed special ukuleles that he thought I’d like to have. That a

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