New Jazz Video - Ain't Misbehavin' on Ukulele

Here is the third video I did in Normandy recently. I stayed at a wonderful little gite in Normandy, which had it's own little pond. So on a very hot day (30 plus degrees) I sat outside and recorded Fats Waller's Ain't Misbehavin'. This is one of those tracks that the ukulele has drawn me towards. In fact, the ukulele is solely responsible for me liking Jazz at all. If you had told a 20 year old me, that i would end up loving and playing lots of Jazz, I would have scoffed. i was far too busy listening to The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, Big Country and any other guitar bands to care about Jazz. But that is one of the things that I love about the ukulele - it has introduced me to so many

New Ukulele duet video with Tony Mizen

Here's a new ukulele duet by Tony Mizen and myself. Its a simple piece called 'Allegretto' by Diabelli but is such fun to play. I recently taught this ukulele piece to a group of students at The Ukulele Retreat. We then performed it as an ensemble with about 8 people playing the top line and the other 8 playing the chords. It actually worked really well. When ukulele students learn duets it is a really great discipline for them. Often students are playing a solo piece it is easy to drift out of time. When you play a duet its much more imperative to be in time. It's a great way to learn to keep exact time and it also forces the student to concentrate not only on their own part, but also

Free uke tabs plus a new Jazz video on Ukulele - Autumn Leaves.

So here is the second Jazz video I did whilst on holiday in Normandy. This is the jazz standard 'Autumn Leaves. It was written by Joseph Kosma. This arrangement is by Spencer Gay, although I changed a few bits here and there. It works really well on ukulele as the bouncing between solo notes and chords seems to fit effortlessly together. It's usually the case that the chord you have just strummed, has the next note of the melody in it, so there is not too much moving around required. It was 30 degrees on the day I did it, so not exactly Autumnal ! The book I got it from is free and can be found here : :

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