New classical piece and free tab

I have just finished arranging this lovely classical piece that was originally written by Matteo Carcassi for classical guitar. Currently I am busy writing the follow up to my 'Ukulele School' book but after that hopefully I'll be doing a follow up to my debut book 'Classical Uke'. I really pleased with how this one turned out so may well include it in the follow up but for the moment I have enclosed a free Jpeg of the arrangement for you. You can download a pdf of the arrangement for free here : I play it on a high G ukulele but this would work equally well on a low G - just play the tab exactly the same.

New video by Ukulele maestro Tony Mizen and Uke lessons in East Sussex.

This year I have had the absolute pleasure of co writing a book of ukulele duets with Tony Mizen. The book is currently with the publishers and should hopefully be out in October. In the meantime Tony has been working hard on some compositions for the ukulele. I think this is an area that is really under represented and the more modern ukulele compositions that can be produced the better. I know the incredibly talented ukulele player Sam Muir has worked on some excellent ones so it's great to see Tony doing the same. There is definitely the need for composers to turn their attention to the ukulele as not too many modern pieces exist. So in the meantime, here is Tony playing a piece he

'Fly Me To The Moon' on Ukulele and book update.

I am currently working hard on the follow up to my book 'Ukulele School', which will be a 'repertoire' book. I have written about half of it and it will again be aimed at teaching ukulele in schools - but before that I should very soon have a date for when my book of classical ukulele duets with Tony Mizen will be out, which should be very soon. In the meantime, here's a finger-style version of 'Fly Me To The Moon' that I recorded recently whilst on holiday in Normandy. It's funny how the ukulele has made me appreciate music styles and songs that I otherwise wouldn't be into. I love the diminished chords in the second part of this and the way the melody weaves in and out of the chords.

Snail Ukulele

One of the benefits of teaching the ukulele is that I get to try out all sorts of different ukuleles that my students bring in. From the truly horrible to the truly sublime,. I pretty much get to try them all. Tonight a student arrived with this very nice looking snail Ukulele. I must admit I had played one before and although it sound very nice indeed and was easy to play, the poor intonation put me off. Generally poor intonation can be sorted, but all the same I prefer a ukulele that doesn't have to be altered or set up once I get my hands on it. This ukulele had been purchased from my local music shop St Giles Music, of Northampton. I've always been a fan of St Giles as they are wh

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