Book Review - Zoom88 (How to be calmer and improve your music making) by Rosemary Wiseman.

When I am not busy performing or writing music books, a fair amount of my time is devoted to teaching music, both ukulele and classical guitar. As such I am always (hopefully like any good teacher should be) on the lookout for resources to hone and further my teaching skills. With this in mind I happened upon a book entitled ‘Zoom88 – How to be calmer and improve your music making’ by Rosemary Wiseman. Rosemary is a very experienced music teacher and performer and her book has one main aim -to improve any players ability. Her main aim with Zoom88 that it ‘will help us all to get more enjoyment and pleasure from making music’. The book begins with a short history of Rosemary and how she ca

New Classical Guitar video - Bach's Allemande .

I tend not to do too many guitar video's at the moment as I am so busy with the ukulele and writing books, but I just could not resist recording this amazing piece. Its my second favourite classical piece on guitar ever. Its by Bach and its from the econd movement on his Lute Suite BWV996, called Allemande. Enjoy

New Ukulele piece written by Colin Tribe

This lovely piece is called 'The Great Western Railway'. It is written by Colin Tribe and features in the VCM (Victoria College of Music) ukulele syllabus at grade 4. If anyone is interested in taking ukulele exams check them out at They go all the way from beginner grades through to diploma's. This is a really fun piece. It also really reminds me of being on a train which is quite apt as I know Colin came up with the idea whilst travelling on a train. Colin has wri tten lots of contemporary pieces for the Ukulele so do check him out.

New custom Ukulele and new video

Well today I am feeling truly honoured and blessed. Leho ukulele's made me a gift of a one off custom signature ukulele. Its simply stunning and I feel very grateful to have received it. I have used Leho ukulele's for quite a few years now. The talented ukulele player and arranger Colin Tribe put me onto them and I bought a few from him. I used them for all my albums and often use them in video's. As a thank you for me using them on my albums the made me this truly wonderful one, that you can see in the attached video. Man oh man how kind is that. The video is of Every Breath You Take. If anyone would like a free tab of my arrangement just drop me a mail over and I'll send you it. Ho

'Classical Uke' is now featured in the VCM Ukulele exam syllabus.

I feel very honored to have pieces from my book 'Classical Uke' featured in the new VCM Exam Syllabus. VCM (Victoria College of Music) offer exams on most instruments but they were the first (and I believe still the only) college to offer Ukulele exams up to Diploma level. The exams feature many classical pieces taken from books by Colin Tribe, Tony Mizen and John King, so to be in such quality company is very humbling for me. The exams all feature some wonderful modern compositions by Colin Tribe. I feel that VCM, among tough competition, has done more for the ukulele movement than any other organisation. The piece attached is Canarios, written by Gasper Sanz and features in my book 'Cl

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