Ukulele Books by Paul Mansell 

Classical Uke

Classical Uke features 20 classical pieces by composers including Bach, Sor and Carulli.  All the pieces have been carefully transcribed for the ukulele.  It also includes a CD with all the tracks beautifully recorded and performed. It is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd and is now available to order by simply clicking the 'Buy Now' link.  It costs £9.99 plus £3.75 P&P (please note UK and worldwide postage is the same price). You can also purchase a PDF file of the book along with all the MP3's for £9.99 by following the link in the next paragraph.

Physical copy of book with CD

Physical copy of Classical Uke Book & CD £9.99 plus £3.75 worldwide postage

PDF of book with MP3's

PDF of Classical Uke Book (including MP3's of tracks) emailed directly to you £9.99. Available now

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2Kulele - A book of ukulele duets

2Kulele is a book of ukulele duets written with well known author Tony Mizen.  Mixing famous pieces by classical composers such as Mozart and Schumann with some beautiful but less-known pieces by Dowland and Carulli, the book also features two contemporary pieces written by Paul and Tony themselves.  All of the arrangements include both ukulele tablature and music via downloadable link, played by Paul and Tony, which are included.

Physical copy of 2Kulele Book and access to download of all mp's £12.99 plus £3.75 worldwide postage.


Physical copy of book 

PDF of 2Kulele uke inc MP3's

PDF of Book (including all MP3's emailed directly to you. £12.99 Available Now

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Ukulele School

Ukulele School is aimed at anyone teaching ukulele in primary schools. Using 'Ukulele School'  you can teach the ukulele to meet National Curriculum requirements for Key Stages 1 and 2. Even teachers who have never played the ukulele before can deliver exciting and rewarding lessons that children will really enjoy!  

Ukulele School has 12 catchy songs that children will love to play and sing, even if they are complete beginners. It has been carefully arranged by professional ukulele player and teacher Paul Mansell, to take children from playing just one chord, through to more challenging songs. Paul has drawn on his many years’ experience of teaching the ukulele to ensure that you will teach the correct techniques, along with the basics of music notation, whilst using a fun approach. 
Ukulele School costs £9.99 plus £3.00 postage (UK and worldwide) and you can order it by pressing the 'Buy it now' button.

Physical copy of book and CD

Ukulele School book and CD £9.99 plus £3.75 worldwide postage. 

PDF of Book (including all MP3's emailed directly to you. £9.99 Available Now

PDF of Ukulele School inc MP3's

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Ukulele Albums by Paul Mansell 

My album, 'Me, My Ukulele and I' is available on Digipack CD for just £9.99 plus £3.75 P&P (UK and worldwide postage is the same). Just click on the link to order the CD. It is also available a digital download at on the link below. It features 35 stunning tracks - all played on the ukulele.  The album features both classical and contemporary pop pieces, ranging from Bach to the Beatles. 








If you prefer downloads, you can download the whole album as MP3's for £7.99 by clicking on the link below.  You can also preview all of the tracks for free.



CD £9.99 plus £3.75 worldwide postage. 

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