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New Jazz Ukulele video of Django Reinhardt's 'Nuages'

I've just returned from a lovely week in Normandy with my family. Whilst I was out there one of the books I read was a wonderful biography of the Jazz Trumpeter Chet Atkins. It inspired me to play a bit of Jazz on my trusty old uke. Luckily it didn't inspire me to become a heroin addict like Chet. Boy did he have an interesting life, which ultimately was ruined and ended by drugs.

So, this is 'Nuages' written by the gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. I must admit it took me a while to warm to Django's playing, but once you get it, you really get it and I now listen to him quite a lot. i think this piece was originally a duet between guitar and clarinet, but it works very well on ukulele. It's one of those addictive to play pieces. I did a few jazz pieces on video and will post them in a few days.

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