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New video of a Bossa Nova piece on Classical Guitar

This is a really lovely piece called 'Chateau de Sable' written by Pierre Lerich. I must admit I do not play or teach many Bossa Nova pieces but this is a really great one to play and teach. Its fairly tricky on guitar and I would say you would need to be around the grade 6 mark to attempt it. I have had a few students manage to play it really well over the years and among those of my students who have mastered it, it has become a firm favorite. he main difficulty for

students learning this guitar piece is that some of the chord shapes are quite unusual and not the sort one would normally play in a classical piece. There are a fair few Barre chords in it aswell, some of which are quite a stretch.

I hope you enjoy listening to this piece as much as I enjoy playing and teaching it.

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