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Across The Universe by The Beatles on Ukulele

Here's a quick finger picking version of The Beatles 'Across The Universe'. It's a great song - I play it a little slower than the original. Hope everyone is safe and well. I've had a busy week teaching, working on both Classical Uke 2 and my book of original ukulele compositions.

I also has the pleasure today of joining a group of uke players in Boston USA via Zoom, who were working through some of my pieces from 2Kulele and Classical Uke.. It was such fun to chat to people about the book and answer some questions they had about some of the arrangements.

I have also had a really exciting week chatting to one of my favorite ever ukulele players who is hopefully going to appear on The Ukulele Sessions. It involved me getting up at the crack of dawn to have a Zoom meeting with someone in Hawaii but it was 100 % worth it. He was an absolute pleasure to chat with and I felt humbled that he gave me an hour of his time. I'm keeping tight lipped at the moment about his identity, but as soon as I can confirm it, I'll let you know who it is. But lets just say he is one of the best players in the world !

In the meantime here is Across The Universe

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