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Your first 30 minute lesson is absolutely FREE with no commitment at all.


30 minute lesson on guitar or ukulele - £20.00  

30 minute Skype lesson on guitar or ukulele - £20.00

60 mins lesson on guitar or ukulele - £40.00 


Vouchers available for 5 lessons are available at £100.00 (you actually get 6 lessons as you also get the free one) Click HERE to purchase vouchers

Classical guitar hire - £20 per month

Electric guitar hire - £25 per month (including practice amp and lead)

Ukulele hire - £10 per month


I teach the guitar and ukulele in my home studio in the village of Yardley Hastings in Northamptonshire, from Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 9 PM.  The studio is air conditioned and offers a light and roomy place to learn classical guitar and ukulele. There is a small seating area for parents to watch their children as I teach. I have a small recording set up in the studio and it is where I write all of my books and music. I teach both classical guitar and ukulele.   I encourage my students to take the grade exams (Rockschool, Oxford, RGT, Trinity or VCM) as these can help to gain focus and give a great sense of achievement.  The grades above grade 5 carry UCAS points so can help you get into University.  Equally many students just want to play for fun.

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