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This week I was the guest on the Audio Works podcast. I chat about teaching music in Northampton and

Audio Works Podcast

This week I had the pleasure of being the guest on the Audio Works podcast. In case you are not aware of Audio Works, it is a fabulous rehearsal studio based in Northampton Town centre. It is also podcast network and the host of Northampton's Secret Gig.

The Audio Works rehearsal studio has been in operation for about 5 years now. With my band, The Electroscopes, I have played in a few of the rehearsal studio's that Northampton has to offer. I can honestly say that Audio Works is my favourite. Why, I hear you cry ? Well, firstly there is the proprietor Josh - and his beard. His considerable beard ! Josh is welcoming and nothing is too much trouble for him. His beard is also very affable. Secondly, the studio is so very cool. It has a real vintage feel to it, with its the cool décor. It sets a new standard for rehearsal rooms with its cleanliness and excellent equipment. All the equipment is top end, from Marshall amps to Pearl Export drums.

For me, too many rehearsal studios are lacking character and vibe - they are after all a place where one goes to create ! Now I am going to cram as many positive things about the studio into one sentence as possible. The rooms offer excellent soundproofing, its a great location, there is parking, the rooms are airy and clean, there are only about 5 steps to lug your drums up.........So, if your band need a place to rehearse, give Josh a ring at Audio Works.

So what did I chat about on the podcast I hear you cry. Well, you could always go and have a listen here :

Having said that, I gas on for well over an hour and maybe a succinct surmising of my ramblings is in order. We discuss my job as a guitar teacher in Northampton, politics, The EU Referendum, music in general in Northampton, what on earth a podcast is and what wine goes well with one. We also discuss Big Country (awesome 80;s band), long words, learning a language, headstands and other important, life changing matters.

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