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New classical ukulele video

I purchased a new ukulele for my seminar at Olympia and thought I would upload a video of me playing it. This is 'Minuet' which was written by Matteo Carcassi. It was originally written for the guitar but works very well on ukulele. It wasn't too hard to transpose - a few tricky bass notes that needed sorting but generally it transferred well. Its a fun piece that has quite different passages. In some ways it reminds me of a Gavotte by Bach, especially the end part where there are a lot of arpeggio runs on a chord. Also the way it has an opening theme and then diverts quite significantly from it is very Bach.

It is taken from my book 'Classical Uke', which features a couple of pieces by Carcassi. Oddly, even though I spend lots of time teaching ukulele I am yet to teach anyone this piece. I do though have a couple of people in mind who I think will really enjoy it. Its great fun teaching people a piece that you know quite well as you can really delve into it and go through the finer details of it. It use q fair bit of 'ponticello' on this and tone variation. I hope you enjoy it.....

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