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New classical ukulele video - Nonesuch.

Here is a video of a relatively simple traditional English dance tune called 'Nonesuch'. This is an excelletn pioece for those relatively new to classical music on the ukulele. It is fairly simple yet very rewarading to play and perform.

I usually teach this piece to players within the first 6 months of them learning the ukulele. The only real diffciulty is the hammer on, but it is a great way of introducing this techinque. Often for beginners the difficulty with playing a hammer on is making sure that the second note sounds as loud as the first. I usually explain to students that the clue to it, is in the name - 'hammer' on. make sure you really power down onto the string to get the clear sound of the second note.

This piece is taken from my book 'Classical Uke' and is both fun and not too challenging for the beginner.

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