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Guest post from Jennifer @Knowyourinstrument - 5 awesome gifts for ukulele players.

This week we have a fantastic guest blogger - Jennifer Hughes. Jennifer is a blogger at the very excellent 'know your instrument' which is a great resource for reviews of guitars and ukuleles. You can find out more here : You can also contact Jennifer by emailing her at

In this blog Jennifer discusses 5 great gifts you can get for ukulele players. And just to say, it is my birthday next month so don't be shy !!!!

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Ukulele Players

Looking for holiday presents or birthday gift ideas for the ukulele players in your life? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed down some of the best gifts you can give to a uke player to help you in your search.

So what kinds of things would an avid ukulele player like?

A new ukulele, of course!

“But Maria already has a ukulele, why would she want another?”

Good question! The simple answer is well, you can never have enough ukuleles to satisfy your musical appetite. A new uke is always a welcome gift because it means being able to expand your tonal repertoire.

The sound of different ukuleles vary because of their construction and size, so you can’t go wrong with giving a ukulele as a gift.

You can check out lists and reviews of the best ukuleles to get an idea about which ones would be perfect for your loved one. Oh, and if the uke you choose doesn’t already come with a case, it would be a good idea to buy one, too. Tip: Casually ask what your loved one already plays so you don’t end up buying the same model. Go for a bigger-sized uke from the same brand or a same-sized uke from another brand for variety.

Ukulele books and DVDs/CDs

Instructional and exercise books and DVDs/CDs about playing the ukulele are another fantastic gift for uke lovers. Even advanced players will find exercises to challenge them and keep them practicing because in music, you never stop learning!

Ukulele books also have sheet music and tabs - everything you need to start and keep playing. There are books written for beginners to advanced players, from young children to adult learners so there’s sure to be a uke book out there that your loved one would find valuable in their musical journey to become a ukulele master.

The same goes for instructional DVDs and CDs, which are great for those who learn faster when they are able to watch and see what they need to do.

Ukulele accessories

You can make your loved one’s ukulele playing experience more comfortable, fulfilling and productive by gifting them with ukulele accessories. The right size case, a shoulder strap, some ukulele picks, an extra set of strings (ask what they use and go for the same or something better), a digital tuner, a capo and a polishing cloth are some of the most common accessories that uke players need.

Ukulele shirts

A laid-back, easygoing lifestyle is typical among many ukulele players, and they do like shirts that show how much they love their instrument. There are plenty of comfortable shirts and dresses out there with ukulele designs and they come in different colors. You can even have shirts customized, so this is one area you can let your own creativity flow!

Ukulele pickup

Most ukuleles are purely acoustic, meaning they are not equipped with electronics for amplification purposes. Players with these kinds of ukes often have a hard time getting themselves heard when there’s a rather big audience (during family gatherings, for example). In this case, a ukulele pickup is a great solution so the notes coming from the uke can be heard better and more clearly.

There are different kinds to choose from, but some of the most popular are soundboard transducers that can be attached to the top of the ukulele and removed when not in use. This kind of ukulele pickup is a good option for players who would not desire to have a permanent pickup installed in their ukulele.

Those are our top 5 gift ideas for ukulele players. We hope this list helps you pick out something your loved one will cherish. If you find yourself wanting to have a ukulele for your own, it’s normal and is a sign that you’ve caught the uke fever. There’s nothing wrong with giving in and giving yourself something absolutely fun to play. Enjoy!

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