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First video of ukulele duet from forthcoming book

Today I had the absolute pleasure of playing ukulele with Tony Mizen, the author of 'From Lute to Uke'. Tony and I are writing a book of duets together and today was the first time we had managed to meet and go through the pieces. Living 3 hours apart, coupled with busy schedules, meant it has taken a little time for us to get together - however it was 100 % worth the wait. We have 22 pieces for the book and we went through all of them. We managed to video a couple of them, of which this was the first one. Tony is a sublime player and real gentleman so it was a pleasure to play the duets together.

We will probably trim the book down to 20 pieces in the end but it is going to be a great book. As soon as we started playing them, we knew we were onto something special. The sounded great, and were challenging but fun to play - which is exactly what we were aiming for.

We are booked into Ginger Dog recording studio's in July to record the accompanying album and then hopefully Kevin Mayhew (The publishers) will (schedules allowing) be able to get the book out before the end of the year.

I'll keep you posted on the pro

gress of the book.

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