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New Ukulele duet video with Tony Mizen

Here's a new ukulele duet by Tony Mizen and myself. Its a simple piece called 'Allegretto' by Diabelli but is such fun to play.

I recently taught this ukulele piece to a group of students at The Ukulele Retreat. We then performed it as an ensemble with about 8 people playing the top line and the other 8 playing the chords. It actually worked really well.

When ukulele students learn duets it is a really great discipline for them. Often students are playing a solo piece it is easy to drift out of time. When you play a duet its much more imperative to be in time. It's a great way to learn to keep exact time and it also forces the student to concentrate not only on their own part, but also the what the other person is playing. At first, it can be quite daunting to do ukulele duets as you have to be exactly in time. It is however very rewarding, and for many students it is their first real experience of any kind of 'group' playing.

This piece is taken from mine and Tiny's forthcoming book of duets. I am already using it lots when teaching my students and hopefully it will be a real asset to any ukulele teachers out there. he book will also come with the single tracks so anyone who doesn't have a ukulele partner can still play the pieces as duets.

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