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New Jazz Video - Ain't Misbehavin' on Ukulele

Here is the third video I did in Normandy recently. I stayed at a wonderful little gite in Normandy, which had it's own little pond. So on a very hot day (30 plus degrees) I sat outside and recorded Fats Waller's Ain't Misbehavin'.

This is one of those tracks that the ukulele has drawn me towards. In fact, the ukulele is solely responsible for me liking Jazz at all. If you had told a 20 year old me, that i would end up loving and playing lots of Jazz, I would have scoffed. i was far too busy listening to The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, Big Country and any other guitar bands to care about Jazz. But that is one of the things that I love about the ukulele - it has introduced me to so many new varieties of music. If I didn't play the ukulele for a living, I sure wouldn't be listening to Django Reinhardt, Lyle Ritz, Fats Waller, Chet Baker, or all the other Jazz greats that I now love.

This piece is actually quite tricky as its another one where I am playing lead and rhythm at the same time (something so well suited to the ukulele). I did a whole 1.5 hour tutorial on this subject recently at The Uke Retreat and its certainly an area that many of my ukulele students are interested in. It is also quite a tricky as it has lots of those pesky diminished chords in it.

It tales a little while before ukulele students can attempt the whole lead/rhythm together style, but I have a few doing it really well currently. Once you get it though, its very rewarding as it makes the ukulele sound very 'whole' and 'complete'.

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