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Snail Ukulele

One of the benefits of teaching the ukulele is that I get to try out all sorts of different ukuleles that my students bring in. From the truly horrible to the truly sublime,. I pretty much get to try them all. Tonight a student arrived with this very nice looking snail Ukulele. I must admit I had played one before and although it sound very nice indeed and was easy to play, the poor intonation put me off. Generally poor intonation can be sorted, but all the same I prefer a ukulele that doesn't have to be altered or set up once I get my hands on it. This ukulele had been purchased from my local music shop St Giles Music, of Northampton. I've always been a fan of St Giles as they are what I call 'old school' - in other words they give you a great service and impartial, quality advice. From a totally selfish point of view I also like them as they stock my books ! I try and get all my students to use them as they always sort out any issues in a fair way. They are also nice people - much better than shopping on something called the internet !

Anyway, this Snail ukulele had absolutely no issues with intonation. It sounded sublime, had a great range, a strong volume, looked gorgeous and was easy to play. A great ukulele from a great local shop ! I believe St Giles music are at the Northampton Guitar show on Sept 29th where they tell me they will have over 40 ukes you can try. Why not pop along and have a chat with them.

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