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New video by Ukulele maestro Tony Mizen and Uke lessons in East Sussex.

This year I have had the absolute pleasure of co writing a book of ukulele duets with Tony Mizen. The book is currently with the publishers and should hopefully be out in October. In the meantime Tony has been working hard on some compositions for the ukulele. I think this is an area that is really under represented and the more modern ukulele compositions that can be produced the better. I know the incredibly talented ukulele player Sam Muir has worked on some excellent ones so it's great to see Tony doing the same. There is definitely the need for composers to turn their attention to the ukulele as not too many modern pieces exist. So in the meantime, here is Tony playing a piece he wrote called 'Butterfly'.

On another note, if anyone is in the East Sussex are and looking for ukulele lessons I know Tony has a couple of openings. He is a great player and teacher and I really recommend him. You can check out his new website at

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