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'Classical Uke' is now featured in the VCM Ukulele exam syllabus.

I feel very honored to have pieces from my book 'Classical Uke' featured in the new VCM Exam Syllabus. VCM (Victoria College of Music) offer exams on most instruments but they were the first (and I believe still the only) college to offer Ukulele exams up to Diploma level. The exams feature many classical pieces taken from books by Colin Tribe, Tony Mizen and John King, so to be in such quality company is very humbling for me. The exams all feature some wonderful modern compositions by Colin Tribe. I feel that VCM, among tough competition, has done more for the ukulele movement than any other organisation.

The piece attached is Canarios, written by Gasper Sanz and features in my book 'Classical Uke'. It is now part of the grade 5 syllabus on the VCM exam. I have pieces covering grades 1 through to 5.

If you are teaching ukulele, or indeed learning ukulele, I thoroughly recommend the VCM exams. Not everyone wishes to take exams, but for many they offer a structured and coherent way of learning. I took the Diploma through VCM and it certainly helped me lots.

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