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New custom Ukulele and new video

Well today I am feeling truly honoured and blessed. Leho ukulele's made me a gift of a one off custom signature ukulele. Its simply stunning and I feel very grateful to have received it.

I have used Leho ukulele's for quite a few years now. The talented ukulele player and arranger Colin Tribe put me onto them and I bought a few from him. I used them for all my albums and often use them in video's. As a thank you for me using them on my albums the made me this truly wonderful one, that you can see in the attached video. Man oh man how kind is that.

The video is of Every Breath You Take. If anyone would like a free tab of my arrangement just drop me a mail over and I'll send you it. Hope yu enjoy the video and my new Leho in all its glory.

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