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Awesome book launch for 2kulele at Olympia

So I am just back from a great 2 days at Olympia in London where we launched the new book of ukulele duets '2Kulele'. It was very exciting to be on the Hal Leonard stand this year. The book seemed very popular - admittedly not as popular as Gareth Malones new book who was on the same stand as me - but very popular nonetheless.

I also had the privilege of doing a 30 minute seminar on my second book 'Ukulele School'. The seminar was all about how you can use 'Ukulele School' to teach primary school children the ukulele. It was especially fun as I got the whole audience singing two of the songs from the book : 'The Ukulele Song' and 'Can you play me a C ?'. The audience were really great fun and even those that had never played a Ukulele before mastered the two songs. It was so great to be able to chat to teachers and explain how to use 'Ukulele School' - I think Hal Leonard even managed to sell out of it in the end.

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