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El Noi De La Mare Duet with free tab

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Here is a really sweet version of El Noi De La Mare performed as a duet on Ukulele. Many thanks to my student Lynne who was kind enough to play the duet with me (and she did a great job !)

El Noi De La Mare translates as 'The child of the mother' and it is a traditional Catalan Christmas song. I do always feel it has a real Christmas vibe to it. This version is not too tricky - I would say the bottom part is probably slightly harder than the top. The top part, which is the melody, is quite high up the neck so try and play it as legato as possible. It can be a little tricky in the second part of the piece to keep the timing together as the second ukulele plays crotchets ad it can feel like it has sped up a little if you are not careful.

Enjoy this free Tab for El Noi de La Mare on Ukulele. Here is the video of Lynne and me playing it. The free tab is at the bottom of the page.

el noy de la mare duet
Download PDF • 50KB

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