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First Ukulele Pieces - book now available

The fabulous new charity book that I compiled with Tara Maysey, to raise funds for The Ukulele Project is now available. Its a really special book featuring 33 amazing ukulele compositions, by the top players and composers in the world right now.

All of the pieces are aimed at beginners and they all feature both the tabs and the music notation. In addition there are free online video's for every piece - many played by the composers themselves.

All of he money raised from this book is going to the not for profit organisation 'The Ukulele Project' who help combat loneliness through the use of ukuleles. They are a wonderful organisation who have already donated over 450 ukuleles to people in need, and lonely adults/children.

The book has compositions by the leading ukulele players of the world including James Hill, Jim Beloff, Tony Mizen, Sam Muir, Phil Doleman, Daniel Ward, Heidi Swedberg, Matt Stead and many many others. I even managed to squeeze a piece in myself.

There was a limited edition book of 200 hand numbered copies but this sold out very quickly. You can still get a copy of the book though - it has been split into two books, one with 16 and one with 17 pieces. Tara and I did this to make the book more affordable.

You can order the book in physical form or as a pdf here - Products – London Ukulele Project

Here is a video of me playing a piece from the book called Swansong - written by Matt Warnes.


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