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Free Beginners Classical Ukulele Tab - Andante (Mauro Giuliani)

Mauro Giuliani was an Italian composer and guitarist from 1781 to 1829. His pieces are widely regarded as some of the best pieces ever written for the guitar.

This is a relatively simple piece that was written originally for guitar, and I have then transcribed for ukulele. A free PDF of the tab is included in this blog. I would say it is suitable for ukulele players in the first year of their studies. It can be played on high G or low G ukulele - in the attached video I use a high G ukulele.

It is beautiful piece which uses hammer on's and pull off's throughout. Try and keep these as smooth as possible and not to speed up when you do them. I play the piece at about 60 bpm but by all means play it slower. If you have any questions about playing the piece

Andante Mauro Giuliani
Download PDF • 37KB

, feel free to email me at

I am currently working on my 6th book of ukulele arrangements which will be easy pieces like this - although lots of the pieces will be even more simple. I am hoping it will be available by the end of 2022.

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