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Free Ukulele tutorial and Tab for Etude in A Minor by Tarrega

One of my favorite pieces to play on the ukulele is Etude in A Minor by Francisco Tarrega. It is a stunning piece that, whilst with a few challenges, is generally quite accessible. I play it at every concert I ever do !

I have created a 2 part video which shows you how to play the piece. In part one I break down each bar of Tarrega's Etude and explain how to play it, what fingers to use, and how to get the best results. In part two I show you how to take your ukulele playing to the next level and go from just playing the piece - to actually performing it. I talk you through where to play crescendo's, diminuendo's, where to alter the speed, where to change tone, and how to achieve a beautiful performance of this piece.

Etude is taken from my debut book called 'Classical Uke' which I cannot believe is already 7 years old. If you enjoy the piece and want to but the book it is available on my website. The book comes with a CD of all the pieces played by me.

The free tab is included here :

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