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George Harrison's Birthday

George Harrison would have been 77 years old today. I thought I would post this video I did of 'My Sweet Lord' on Ukulele way back in 2015 ! It was I think my first video. I love this song, but I especially love this arrangement of it by Colin Tribe.

At the time I only owned 1 ukulele - a £30 Makala dolphin. Please don't ask me how many I own now ! It's funny looking back at old video's - I think I played it too fast and play it slower now. It's a special piece for me though as it is one of the pieces that I played in my VCM Diploma Exam so it was important on setting me down the ukulele road I ended taking. At that stage little did I think that 5 years later I would have been about to release my 3rd Ukulele book and have done numerous live shows.

Don't forget this wek if you want to catch me live I have a recital of classical ukulele duets with Tony Mizen at The Uke Rooms in Gloucester. We will also be launching our new book of Ukulele duets called 2kulele.

Then the following week on Thursday 6th March, in conjunction with the publishers Hal Leonard I am doing a 30 minute seminar at Olympia on teaching ukulele to children at the Music and Drama Expo.

I hope to see you at one of the above events.

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