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Jowoom T2 Smart tuner review

A little while ago when I was doing a show in London, I had to tune up about 30 ukuleles in a very short space of time - I had about 5 minutes. I decided doing this by hand was just not going to work so I invested in a Jowoom T2 smart tuner. Basically, it is a tuner that actually turns the tuning heads on your ukulele. Sounds like an invention for the laziest person ever doesn't it. Well, kind of, but it's actually quite a fun little thing. It has its restrictions and a few flaws, but overall I really like it. The Jowoom T2 smart tuner is especially useful if, like me, you spend a lot of time restringing guitars or ukuleles. I always dread having to wind up the strings all that way - and this solves that. Yes, I know you can get little devices to clip on your tuning pegs to wind a lot quicker, but hey - this is electric and does it for you.

It is also useful if you are teaching a class and have a load of ukuleles that need tuning quickly. There are a couple of minor weaknesses that I do not like, but as a fun gadget, it's pretty cool. You can check out my full review here :

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