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Landola V63 Classical Guitar Charity Shop Find

I was lucky enough recently that my Dad found this gorgeous Landola V62 Classical guitar in a charity shop. It even came with a (tatty) vintage hard case. He paid the bargain price of £20.

I had never actually heard of Landola Guitars but after a little research I found that they are hand made in Finland. Landola guitars have been made since 1942. And the first factory-made guitar was launched on the market in the beginning of 1946. The company, originally Munkers, was established by the Mattson Brothers in Jakobstad, Finland. Munkers designed and developed its own guitar models and working methods, resulting in increased production. In the years to come, the company changed names and owners, but to customers it always remained Landola, hence the name of the company’s guitar trademark.

The guitar itself was in great condition, apart from the Rosette which was not original. It has a nice one that had replaced the original, although obviously it would have been lovely to have had the original rosette. The tuners were nice and tight nd the neck is very straight (always check that when you buy a second hand guitar). I am not totally sure what wood the guitar is - so if anyone knows, please do drop me a note. I put new strings on the guitar and lowered the action a tiny little bit, and you an hear it in all its glory in the attached video. I must say that it plays beautifully. It has a very soft tone and a nice range of sounds. I absolutely love finding vintage guitars like this - especially when they come with a hard case. It even has a sticker on it saying it came from Minns Music (who were a shop in Poole UK but sadly now closed by the looks of things). The great thing is that Landola still have a website up and running and you can date the guitar on their website using the serial

number inside the Guitar. I managed to date the guitar to between 1975 and 1982. If you have found one of these or know any more about it do get in contact.

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