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'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' now included on VCM Ukulele exam syllabus

I am incredibly excited and humbled that all of my ukulele compositions from my latest book 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' are now included in the VCM (Victoria College of Music) ukulele exam syllabus.

If you are looking to take an exam on the ukulele, then VCM have exams for grades all the way from debut (pre grade 1) up to grade 8 and beyond. They cater for 'beginner' with their early grades all the way to more advanced players, up to Diploma level. They are currently allowing students to do exams via zoom aswell, so if you are interested in taing an exam on the ukulele, make sure to visit The benefits of students taking ukulele exams are numerous, including getting 'real' qulaifications (recognised by Universities), structured learning, a sense of achievement and learning to deal with exams.

VCM has been leading the way on ukulele exams for some time now. They have previously managed to include both classical pieces and modern pieces on the syllabus and have now added more options on the modern pieces. Aswell as my book 'Modern pieces for ukulele' being included, VCM have also added Tony Mizen's fantastic book Anthropoda. This is coupled with some excellent pieces written by Colin Tribe.

Here is a little video of one of the pieces from grade D

called 'Homage to Carulli'. 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' is available at priced £13.99 for the book or £9.99 for the pdf.

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