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New book 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' out now.

I am extremely happy to announce that my new book 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' is out now.

The book features 20 original compositions for high or low G ukulele. There are Classical, Jazz, Swing, Ragtime and Flamenco pieces and each piece is accompanied by a free online video. The pieces in the book are order of difficulty - with the early pieces being suitable for absolute beginners and the later peices offering a big enough challenge for advanced players.

All of the pieces come in both Tab and music notation with notes on each piece. Below is the 3rd piece from the book - which I would say falls into the 'beginner' category. The pieces are ideal for students to play on their own - or indeed for teachers to use. All of the pieces were written specifically for the ukulele and are very playable. The feedback so far has been incredible with people really seeming to love the pieces.

All of the pieces will also feature on the VCM (Victoria College of Music) Ukulele Syllabus in the future. It is not finalised yet as to what grade each piece will be - as myself and Colin Tribe, the VCM head of Ukulele Syllabus are just assessing what grade each piece should be.

The physical copy of the 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' book is available for £13.00 and a PDF version is available for £9.99. Both are available at

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