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New Classical piece - played in my 1984 VW Campervan.

So I have had a pretty busy week doing lots of Skype lessons which has been fun. I thought I would round the week off by playing a new arrangement of a classical piece called 'Mi Favorita'. This piece is usually played on a classical guitar. A Mazurka is a Polish Dance from the 19th Century.

I thought, seeing as the weather is going to be nice here in the UK this week, and we can't go out in it due to the awful Covid 19 situation, that I would pretend I was camping by sitting in the back of my lovely 1984 VW Camper. She is called 'Sweetpea' and is a T25 model.

I played this piece on my Leho Concert Ukulele - which is made out of Mango. I have also recently put a low G on this uke, which gives it slightly more depth in this piece. It does however work very well on a high G tuned ukulele also.

The Skype lessons are proving to be great fun and it even has the benefit that I can teach people much further afield than Northampton. Over the years I have been asked quite a few times to teach over Skype but never got round to it - so I feel like something positive has come from this current terrible situation.

As well as doing lots of Skype lessons on the Ukulele at the moment, I am also working hard n the follow up to Classical Uke. I really like this arrangement of Mi Favorita and am pretty sure this will be one the pieces in it. So far I have done about 15 arrangements so just a few more needed.

I really hope everyone is safe and well. Look after yourselves and I hope you enjoy the video.

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