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New Flamenco piece for intermediate ukulele players.

Last week I posted a beginners piece from my new book 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' called 'Homage to Carulli'. Here is a piece for intermediate level players called 'Farruca Fantasia'. Flamenco music is really well suited to the ukulele and it can make this small instrument really stand out.

The piece is ideal for intermediate players. The main technique that makes this piece lively and stand out, is the 'Rasgueado' strum that is often used in Flamenco music. It also features ascending and descending single note runs, punctuated with an open A string. This is again a technique often used in Flamenco pieces. Farruca Fantasia is a really fun piece to play and is an excellent piece to teach to students. It helps with understanding of rhythms and can be a great tool for teaching students to achieve a smooth leagto feel to their playing.

It is the 15th piece in my book 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' and one of two Flamenco pieces for the Ukulele. I play it on a high G, Leho ukulele, but it works equally well on a low G ukulele. 'Modern Pieces for Ukulele' is available at in book form or as a pdf.

If you are in Northampton my book is now available to purchadse at the wonderful St Giles Music.


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