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New headline gig plus free beginners ukulele tab

I am very excited to announce that I will be headlining the Isle of Wight Ukulele festival in March 2022. I will be playing as part of a duo with my great friend and amazing classical uke player Tony Mizen. We are planning on doing a set of classical duets (featuring pieces from our book 2kulele), plus some gypsy jazz pieces. I will also be doing a solo set, as will Tony. We don't get to perform together as much as we would like due to geographic distance, so don't miss out on this. We will both be running a couple of workshops too. The festival always sells out so if you fancy it, book it now !! There are some other fantastic players including Peter Moss, Opera-lele, AD Cooke and Ukulele Simon.

I have just done a video for a beginners classical piece called Varsovienne which you can watch here : I have attached a free copy of the tabs to this blog. If for any reason you cannot download the pdf just drop me a mail at and I will send it over.

24 varsovienne (Father Talpin)
Download PDF • 29KB

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