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Review of 'Scottish Folk Tunes' for Ukulele book by Sam Muir

I thought I would do a quick review of Sam Muir's book Scottish Folk Tunes for Ukulele. It is published by Schott and is part of a series of books. The other two in the series are both by the wonderful arranger and player Colin Tribe and they are - English Folk Tunes and American Folk Tunes. The book comprises 35 traditional pieces all arranged beautifully for ukulele by Sam. They range from the quiet simple to the advanced so the book is suitable for people at the early stage of their ukulele career and for the more advanced players.

The main thing I love about the book is that some of the arrangements are in a melodic style (where the melody is picked out on the top string and chords are added to thicken up the sound) and some are in a Campanella style which involves crossing all the strings and rarey playing the same string twice in a row. The arrangements are very clever and playable. It comes with a CD of all the pieces, played wonderfully by Sam herself. You can see my review below, where I also play two of the pieces.

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