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Ukulele School is aimed at anyone teaching ukulele in primary schools. Using 'Ukulele School'  you can teach the ukulele to meet National Curriculum requirements for Key Stages 1 and 2. Even teachers who have never played the ukulele before can deliver exciting and rewarding lessons that children will really enjoy!  

Ukulele School has 12 catchy songs that children will love to play and sing, even if they are complete beginners. It has been carefully arranged by professional ukulele player and teacher Paul Mansell, to take children from playing just one chord, through to more challenging songs. Paul has drawn on his many years’ experience of teaching the ukulele to ensure that you will teach the correct techniques, along with the basics of music notation, whilst using a fun approach. Ukulele School costs £10.00 plus £4.00 postage (UK and worldwide) 

Ukulele School Book including P&P

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