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Here comes the sun (George Harrison) performed by Paul Mansell on a soprano ukulele

So my lovely wife bought me a microphone for my birthday last week and this is the second recording I have done with it. Actually I did quite well because she bought me the microphone, and I bought myself a lovely De Armond M75 Electric guitar. More on the guitar in a later blog, but for now, I hope you enjoy my version of 'Here comes the sun'.

This version was tabbed out by Colin Tribe (you can purchase the tab from his website) and works terrifically well. I am using my trusted Barnes and Mullins BMUK2S Soprano Ukulele. I performed this when I did my Diploma on the ukulele, as part of a medley of three George Harrison songs. The others were 'Something' and 'My Sweet Lord'. This is the easiest of the three but it such a lovely song. Also, George Harrison was a big fan of the ukulele so it seems like a fitting tribute to him.

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