Congratulations to my student Anne Bell on her distinction at grade 2 ukulele. What are the benefits

When learning an instrument some people really benefit from taking grades. One of my students, Anne Bell, took her grade two ukulele exam in December 2016 and has just got her results - she got 94 % which gave her a distinction. Well done Anne, it was well deserved.

So, what are the benefits of taking grades ? There are many but I see the top 5 as follows :

1) It helps you ascertain what level your playing is at. As they say 'if we don't know where we are, how do we know where we are going'.

2) It helps set goals and can aid coherent practice. All practice is good, but proper, coherent and structured practice is so much better than random practice.

3) It can be great fun and give a real sense of achievement.

4) The RGT grades above grade 5 carry UCAS points - so it can help students get into University.

5) It gets students used to performing in pressure situations.

There are many other benefits too. OK, exams are not for everyone of course, but for many people they can be a real benefit. I never make any of my students do them, but the ones that chose to really benefit from the experience. So well done to Anne on an fantastic result.

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