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Love ukulele ? - then check out Sam Muir's new website -

I have long been a fan of Sam Muir's wonderful playing of classical music on the ukulele. She is pretty much as good as it gets and we can all aspire to be as wonderful as she is. Well, luckily for us ukulele players who love a bit of classical music on our ukulele, she has started a new website called

Classical music on the ukulele is relatively unexplored - but it is a massive growth area. People like Sam, Colin Tribe, Tony Mizen and others are really bringing it to peoples attention now. There is a group on Facebook dedicated to Classical Ukulele and it has gone from hardly any members to thousands, in a very short time. More and more books and CD's are appearing all the time, and what was a relatively unexplored area is starting to boom.

Sam's website is primarily a resource for people who love classical ukulele. It has great video's onit where you can see the best players performing classical ukulele. In addition it has information on books, arrangements, players, compositions and CD's. The world of classical ukulele is slightly incoherent at the moment - but a sight like this really brings it all together under on roof. It is just what us classical ukulele players need. So, if you are into classical ukulele, check it out.

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