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2 days in a Recording Studio recording tracks for my new Ukulele album.

This week I spent two days in Ginger Dog recording studios, in beautiful Suffolk, recording tracks for my 2 forthcoming ukulele albums. I recently signed a publishing deal with Kevin Mayhew Ltd to do a ukulele book (which is coming out in Dec 2017) and the first album is 20 classical pieces to accompany the book. The second album is a collection of classical, pop and self penned pieces. This will be released by Kevin Mayhew Records.

The two days was great fun - intense and hard work, but great fun. I recorded 35 tracks in total. They were all recorded 100 % live with no overdubs at all. Some of the tracks took just one take - some took up to 10 !!! The longest track, a guitar concerto called Arunjuez, is over 4 minutes long and I regularly got to the last bar and then made a mistake !

I had 4 microphones recording me - 2 stereo SE1a and SE4a's, some Shure's and an Audio Technica. This all then went in through the Audio Interface into Logic. The biggest problem of the day was probably trying to not record my heavy breathing !

Ginger Dog Studio and its fab team managed to get a lovely clear sound recorded. I played all 35 tracks on my new Leho Ukulele. It is yet to be mixed but I cannot wait to hear the final album. We will add a bit of reverb, try and get rid of some of the heavy breathing and then hopefully, job done.

I will post more details about the release date for the album soon. It will be on CD and digital download.

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