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Two more distinctions for pupils in exmas

Congratulations to two more of my students who have both achieved distinctions in their latest exams. Vikki got a distinction in Grade 1 Classical Guitar and Anne got a distinction in Grade 3 ukulele. They were both very deserved and if I was a betting man I would have put money on them both getting a distinction. Taking exams on musical instruments can be a tough journey but very very rewarding. I always say to my pupils that scales and arpeggios should be seen as an easy way to pick up full marks. This is exactly

what Vikki did. OK to be fair its not 'easy' to get 100 % on your scales, but if you work at them, like both Vikki and Anne did, then there is not reason why you can't get 100 % on them, taking the pressure off of matters like 'sight reading' which are really tricky.

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