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My favourite piece of music ever.

I have at long last recorded a video of my favourite piece of music ever written. It is called 'Danza De Rulao'. Its a stunning 5 minute Flamenco piece written by the world famous guitarist John Zaradin. Its is an amazing piece that I have loved since I first heard it. It was the first piece John ever had published (by Belwin Mills) and is simply stunning. He wrote it for solo guitar and I have arranged it for ukulele. Its a very tricky piece to play, but hopefully you agree, its worth the effort. I was lucky enough to see John live about 15 years ago, in a church in Bedfordshire and his performance was mesmerising.

If you want to hear me perform this live, I will be performing next week (June 14th/15th) at Upton Ukulele festival.

You can check it out here.

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