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New book update and other news.

Two weekends ago I had an amazing time being a tutor and performer and the wonderful 'Ukulele Retreat'. If you're not aware of The Ukulele Retreat then it is a 3 day retreat in the stunning Forest of Dean, run by The Uke Rooms. There were 4 guest tutors - myself, Sam Muir, Phil Doleman and Percy Copley. We did two days of tutoring and on the Saturday evening the 4 of us did a concert for all the guests. The concert also featured the organiser Matt who is himself a wonderful player.

It was such an honour our to share a stage with Sam, Phil and Percy. It was amazing just to watch them but to then do a half hour set on the same stage was a great thrill. I performed a mixture of classical, flamenco and some ragtime, all of which seemed to be received very well. If you are into the ukulele and fancy it, then check it out as tickets tend to sell out very early.

In other news, on July 22nd and 23rd I am recording the album that will accompany my new book of duets for the ukulele. I'm recording with Tony Mizen who has co authored the book so I am really looking forward to this. I think it will be a very special book and album. It is mainly classical based but there are a few modern pieces in there too. Once I know the publish date for the book I'll let everyone know as a lot of people are already asking for it's release date.

Finally I am currently sorting out a few live dates for later in the year and next year. I can't give dates yet as they are still being sorted but they all look great fun - with one of them (if it comes off) looking really unique and exciting. It may even be a one off - but more on that once I know details.

That's all for now.

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