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Hilarious new episode of Anarchy in The Ukulele where I try to teach a 5 year old the ukulele

The newest episode of Anarchy in the Ukulele has just landed on YouTube. In this episode I try and teach a 5 year old to play the ukulele - with hilarious results. I pride myself on being a dedicated and patient ukulele teacher - but this felt more like I was being eaten alive in front of a camera. In fairness to young Jesse - who I had never met before - he was a little star. He was soooo excited it was like he had eaten ten packets of Haribo before the lesson. It was really great fun and I think we all learn something ! Jesse learn a C Chord and I learnt that all the crew at Anarchy In The Ukulele have got it in for me big time !!!! Here is a snippet :

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