Win a morning in the recording studio where I recorded 'Me, My Ukulele & I'

This months 'Uke Magazine' has a lovely double page feature all about the recording of my new album 'Me, My Ukulele & I' and my new book 'Classical Uke'. It takes you through the process from the idea of writing a book, all the way through to getting it published. It also features on the recording of the album. If you are into ukulele's and recording then its a must read. You can also enter a competition to win a morning in the studio where I recorded the album and record your own tracks.

Great website for uke players to check out -

If you are a ukulele fan then is an awesome website that you should check out. It has a load of really good reviews of ukuleles and accessories. Much more than that though it has interviews with some great players and an awesome section on ukulele magazines. What I like about it is the fact that it does not just tread the usual path but goes a little deeper. The section on Uke Magazines for example has some magazines featured that I had not heard of - and believe me I read far too many. It also has a very pleasant layout and is easy to navigate your way around the site. The site is very professional. They even offer scholarships of up to $1000 for people who wan

Book Update

'Classical Uke' is off to the printers on Monday and will be back the following week, so orders will start flying off the shelf then. I just cannot wait to get it out there.......

Album Update

So I had a great meeting at Ginger Dog Records this week. We did a photo shoot for the album and you can see two of the pictures here. We also decided on the track listing and the album cover. The title has been finalised as 'Me, My Ukulele and I'. It should be off to the CD pressing factory next week meaning it will be available hopefully from about December 14th on CD. We also mastered a couple of the tracks. As I had a bit of spare time in the recording studio I also did an extra track called 'Tarrantella Italiana' which I am pleased will now also appear on the album.

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